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Sunday, 22 May 2016 22:09

Under 13 boys enjoyed becoming Division 5 Champions for the Saturday Young Elizabethan League (YEL) and are looking forward to collecting their winner’s trophies at YEL’s presentation day next month. They have done incredibly well, sticking together and forming as a team as they have hit their teenage years.

It has also just been announced that they have also won the Sportsmanship award across all 5 of the Saturday YEL divisions (circa 60 teams). This in itself is a fantastic achievement but it shows they are going in to their games with the right attitude and they are winning the right way. So this year they are incredibly fortunate to be collecting two trophies in June:

  • U13 Division 5 Champions
  • U13 Saturday Sportsmanship Award

Well done boys!

To help get through the long season ahead they are looking to bolster their squad with a couple of extra players who are on the look out for a game.