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Player Welfare

Holy Spirit Celtic FC support the FA's "Respect" policy. If anyone has concerns regarding the behaviour of other players/coaches/parents please contact me to discuss. There are guidelines in place to support the health, safety and well-being of our children.

We support our coaches in a variety of training programmes. If anyone involved with the club is interested in attending a Safeguarding Children course to benefit the club and the children in the club, the club will fund it. There are several throughout the year; you can contact me, or view the website and follow the links.

It is vitally important that all Charters are signed and that contact sheets are kept up to date. If you have not completed these, you can contact me or your team administrator. We now have a Facebook page and as such this affects our photographic policy. Please ensure that you fill in the consent form with this in mind.


Please also review the positive parenting document relevant to youth football.

If you wish to contact the Club's Childware officer, please email them: at:

Web Safe

The Club welcomes the use of the modern communication technologies such as the internet, and social media to promote positive messages about the club.


Our desire is to ensure that our children and young people are safeguarded and that our coaches and parents are protected too. Our principles, in keeping with those of the NSPCC are that:

  • Our young players have a right to enjoy sport, free from all forms of abuse and exploitation.

  • All our young players have equal rights to protection from harm.

  • As a club we have a responsibility to support the care and protection of children.

  • As a club we have a duty of care to children and young people who take part in sport.

To meet these standards, we will promote best practice and ensure all our committee and coaches are aware of and promote the best practice guidelines recommended by the FA. These will be adopted by the club for the 2012-13 season onwards.

This webpage therefore is provided so that everyone involved in Holy Spirit Celtic makes informed decisions about the use of the internet, emails and mobile phone communications.These links can be downloaded and will be promoted to all our coaches:,


Further guidelines have been developed with Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre and the Child Protection in Sport Unit in addition to two pieces of information from the NSPCC website too:

We will ensure that the website is mediated.

Our Club may utilise a parent/coach only facebook site which is available to spread positive stories about the club. If you wish to join please contact the administrator and send details of your membership of the club (coach, parent, guardian etc)

Any social media sites are solely about football matters eg fixtures, results. We will discourage personal banter. HSCFC welcome positive communication within the club, and hope that these guidelines will ensure that all our members, but most of all our children, will be “websafe”.

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